Lost Fantasy Hero v Zahn (Print & Digital)
  Story & Art by Iceman Blue
  32 Pages (Print) / 36 Pages (PDF)
  Published by Class Comics

  What do you get when an evil DRAGON LORD turns his sights to other realms to find for an advantage
  in his own personal war? An impressive mash-up of massive muscles and heroically-proportioned cocks,
  that’s what!

  Ripped from the world of Varda, ZAHN is pulled into the realm of the LOST FANTASY HERO, where he is
  at a distinct disadvantage. Everything is so strange and unfamiliar to him, and getting back to Varda
  will mean working with JAMES, the hero of the land.

  The trouble is, James doesn’t particularly like Zahn, and though the two are forced to work together,
  their relationship is anything but friendly.  Still, united they will face bizarre and dangerous obstacles,
  as the ultimate goal is to get Zahn the Hell back to his home land and out of James’ hair.

  Written and illustrated by Iceman Blue (Camili-Cat: Mounted).
  This incredible team-up event is filled with humor and drenched in jizz.

  It’s a  massive, amazing 32-page adventure proves that opposites don’t necessarily always attract — Heck,
  they may not even like each other —  but they can still fuck the tar out of one another!

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  Lost Fantasy Hero (Paperback)
  Story & Art by Iceman Blue
  104 Pages
  Published by Brüno Gmunder

  As destiny calls upon James, a rough and tough biker, he has to save a magical kingdom
  where he encounters a cast of legendary demons, guards, and princesses ... Another
  fantastic story by Iceman Blue which is as erotic as it is funny.

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  C.U.M. (Hardcover)
  Photography & Art by Various
  256 Pages
  Published by Brüno Gmunder

  Nobody would exist without sperm. Keeping this in mind, the lack of attention given to
  the milky secretion by artists worldwide is actually rather surprising. Well, we’re
  glad to help out: C.U.M. is a collection of pictures and drawings dedicated to the hot
  stuff—and it’s just as horny as it is brilliant. Top artists such as Tom Bianchi, Zack
  and Giovanni guarantee an aesthetic approach—no matter how juicy the topic.

  Includes 2 Pin-ups by Iceman Blue.

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  Cosmic Heroes (Paperback)
  Story & Art by Iceman Blue
  112 Pages
  Published by Brüno Gmunder

  Iceman Blue is a huge fan of superheroes. And because he wants them to really take a
  walk on the wild side, he simply decided to draw his own comics. Even if you still
  enjoy the original Superman & Co. you won’t  nd adventures as smutty and enjoyable as
  the ones that Iceman Blue invented. Big problems are always solved with big cocks, and
  his Cosmic Heroes all share a power that makes them invincible: SEX! Fantastic comic
  art for guys who like their men super!

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  Still Side By Side (Hardcover)
  Story & Art by Mioki
  120 Pages
  Published by Brüno Gmunder

  In volume one of Mioki’s Side by Side the comic artist took us on a journey into the
  life of Evan and Rick. Best friends since they were kids, they were seen stumbling
  right into a hot love affair which ended happily with big love. Meanwhile, the two
  cuties live together in the city. 
  The fact that both of them have sex with other men from time to time—whether together
  or alone— doesn’t harm their relationship. On the contrary, it heats up their passion
  for each other. 
  STILL SIDE BY SIDE offers hot sex again at every turn, as well as a good dose of sugar
  for the romantically inclined. Love can be so beautiful.

  Includes Appearance by Iceman Blue's MidnightMan.

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  Big Love (Hardcover)
  Art by Various
  248 Pages
  Published by Brüno Gmunder

  After the overwhelming success of our anthology Hair, we are glad to offer several
  books this year that are dedicated to everybody who has a fetish for hunks who are
  hairy and chunky. 
  For the fans of gay art and comics, BIG LOVE will be of special interest. The drawn
  and painted men in this collection—combining artists from all subgenres in a stunning
  book—are muscular and bearish. Whether you’re a fan of beautiful art or horny comics,
  you’re gonna find some hot stuff here!

  Includes 4 Pin-ups by Iceman Blue.

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  MidnightMan (Paperback)
  Story & Art by Iceman Blue
  96 Pages
  Published by Brüno Gmunder

  Yeah! Midnightman has all the advantages comic hero needs: He’s good looking, muscular
  and has quite a bulge in his pants. By the way: He’s never tired ofadventures and
  happens to stumble from one breathtaking story into the next. We don’t know why he
  always has to fight against hunky sex maniacs who evoke greedy, well hung demons with
  their fully loaded sperm cannons. But honestly: Do we care? The important thing is
  that IcemanBlue’s comics are an awful lot of fun, damned horny and make you want more.
  What more could we ask?

  Includes Bonus Pin-ups by Franze&Andärle, Patrick Fillion,
  Joe Phillips, AbsolutBleu, Mioki, Kupopo, Humbuged, JC Etheredge,
  Scent, JC Soto, Gojira.

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